meatloaf, pickled mustard seed and tomato relish


last night we had a couple of friends over for dinner.  We found some amazing looking ciabatta at the Fresh Market and found this ‘wichcraft sandwich to pile it into.  Tom Collichio’s meatloaf with a slow cooked tomato curry relish and bloomed pickled mustard seeds with cheddar and bacon.  It ain’t your mom’s meatloaf!  The monsoon let loose right before they arrived and the lights went out for a moment.  The Florida rainy season doesn’t stop us!  We finished off the night with slices of homemade chocolate banana bread with dark chocolate chips.

One thought on “meatloaf, pickled mustard seed and tomato relish

  1. karin

    >Big sigh. Sorry to miss. Again. 😦 The monsoon hit the west side too, just as we had all gotten our swimsuits on and were headed to the lake.


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