on the shelf

we are packing for an imminent (we hope) move.  It is a short sale which by it’s own very nature is a long sale.  We packed our books two weeks ago when we thought we would be closing today.  I kept out six cookbooks that I thought I might use for one reason or another.  So far, I have used four and there are supposedly two weeks to go.  I have often read blogs that ask the question, ‘What cookbooks would you keep if you could only have x (10?) number?’   I have not often seen ones that I own or repeatedly turn toward when I am looking for inspiration.  Here are the six on my shelf today.

Betty Crocker 40th Anniversary Edition 
Family Meal – Tyler Florence
Good Stuff – Spike Mendelsohn
Great Food Fast – editors of Martha Stewart
Wichcraft – Tom Colicchio
Burgers, Fries & Shakes – Bobby Flay

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