jimmy hula’s

friday night we left the house under dubious skies and struck out for a new restaurant in Winter Park called Jimmy Hula’s  It’s been open for about a month so should have surpassed the newbie opening error stage,  It is a fast casual kind of place decked out literally with a large wraparound porch and comfy seats inside that look like boat seat cushions.  There is surfing lifestyle paraphernalia everyplace including boards and tiki huts.  You stand in line which is kind of slow and watch the menu board flip by.  It is a little complicated to figure out what you want based on the flip actually.  I had the advantage of perusing the menu online before we went so had some idea – Z less so and for him it was hard to figure out what he wanted.  I think they probably lose some sales and ad-ons like apps because of it.
I ordered the Burnt Reynolds burger – fried egg, bacon, potato chips and ketchup. Z had a Pipeline Pork – citrus marinated pulled pork with voodoo sauce.  The pork was really tasty.  His sandwich was better than mine though – my burger was not hot or particularly juicy.  We also ordered three sides to go with.  Jalapeno bottlecaps, onion petals and curly fries.  All had sat just a bit too long – they weren’t really fresh or crunchy.  The voodoo sauce on the side of my petals was tasty.

I think they could have done better.  For the mediocre food – it was packed – which shows that this is what people are looking for.  The prices are reasonable and it had good ambiance.  We were there for the food though and it could be kicked up a notch.

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