paletas are the new cupcakes


a bad photo for a yummy treat

when I heard that macaron’s were the new cupcakes I couldn’t imagine how it could be so.  They are ultra pricey and such a fleeting wisp of a bite.  They are highly flavorful but don’t leave me with the satisfaction of a cupcake.  Maybe I am selling them short but I haven’t been convinced.   One thing I have seen over and over in blogs and magazines this summer is the paleta.  A paleta is the Mexican ice pop made with fresh fruit.  The idea has been further expanded to the most unbelievable flavors that are all over the place.  We stopped into a great little place called Spuntino for dessert.  They have the most luscious gelatos and a reach in filled with a dazzling array of paletas.  I had a great Vietnamese iced coffee and Z had black pepper honeydew.  Mine was incredibly refreshing and cool on a hot night.  The honeydew was really interesting and weighty in flavor with a hit of pepper left on your tongue.  If you see a food truck or street vendor selling a paleta-pick one up and be prepared for a cold pop of flavor.

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