the rusty spoon

with not one rusty spoon in sight I was still thrilled to sit down to dinner last night at The Rusty Spoon.  It is in Orlando right in the heart of downtown on Church St.  As a Saturday night and our second weekend in a row downtown we noticed again a lack of busyness but are kind of attributing it to our early eating hour of six.  It’s a bonus to find parking early but the hipsters aren’t really out in force yet.  The Rusty Spoon is a locally sourcing restaurant that emphasizes fresh local produce and a revolving menu.  We definitely noticed a ton of items in the ‘chef’s whim’ category – pork rillette’s, Oaxacan corn soup, a ribeye and verbena frozen dessert that I can remember off the top of my head.  The decor is right up my alley – black and white photography of eggs and pigs, edison bulbs hanging on wound black cords and dark wood.  We ordered and were brought an amuse of pureed waterkist tomatoes with micro basil -a little salty on the tongue and brightly acidic.  Z ordered the Oaxacan corn soup which was clearly buzzed at the time of our order as we could still see the froth – it was grainy in a real stone ground fresh corn sort of way.  Kind of reminiscent of the grind of grits but with fresh corn.  It was steamy and very ‘corny’ and slightly sweet with a garnish of tart tomatillo relish. I skipped the app and had a cucumber martini made with St Germain, lemon and lime.  The redolent scent of cucumbers wafting with each sip was refreshing.  We both went for a ‘handheld’ which is a marvelous classification of sandwiches.  I had a succulent braised lamb with ricotta salata and onion and white grape chutney on this fantastic roll.   Z had the ’55’ burger (address is 55 W – a downtown landmark) which was an enormous half pound filled with bacon and gruyere and the most melted onions we have ever had.  We both chose the haystack of fries which were dusted with cheese and fried herbs and had a side of housemade ketchup.  We felt the ketchup was good but could have used a touch of heat.  Full to my top Z still ordered the citrus meringues and verbena slush for dessert which seemed to be verbena granita with some kind of simple syrup sweetly saturating.   The meringues were nice and dry with a bit of chew.  The kitchen was somewhat heavy handed with salt although not leaving items salty-I did notice it was there.  I really loved the variety and fresh feel of every thing we ate.

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