sizzling salads

seriously behind in posting.   We have been working and playing so hard lately I am hard pressed to keep up.  One of the things that has changed for us pretty significantly since we began eating a healthier diet is the upswing in salads.  Where we used to eat one or so a week we now eat one almost daily.  Most of the time I am finding a homemade dressing far outweighs a store bought one and usually with minimal work.   I will work on posting some of those salads because they are incredible.   Recently there was a bogo at Publix and since we had my sister’s family coming I picked up a bottle of ranch and for the ‘free’ item chose one of Kraft’s new Sizzling Salad kits.  It is basically a chicken cooking sauce with a companion salad dressing.  I chose the Asian Chicken with a teriyaki ginger cooking sauce for the chicken and toasted sesame dressing for the cool parts of the salad.  It is a quick half pantry inspired dinner.  I filled big bowls with greens while the chicken sauteed and added some toasted honey sliced almonds that were hanging out in the fridge, a can of drained mandarin oranges from the pantry, sliced english cucumber, a couple of sliced scallions and a small pinch of terra stix for saltyness.  After quickly finishing the chicken in the sauce and slicing it I topped the cold salad with the hot chicken.  We opted for drizzling our dressing on top to preserve the crunch in the greens and limit our dressing intake.  It was a hot-cold-sweet-savory-salty-crunchy salad which is perfect for a work night and the hot summer which is nipping at our heels.

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