honey bbq gator ribs

headed out in a freakish day of rain to the food truck bazaar a few weeks ago on a Friday night primarily because my one of my favorite food trucks, The YumYum Truck posted a tweet that they were selling loaves of their amazing bananatella bread.  They change some cupcakes monthly and we usually get a sexy six and each pick three-one for dinner and two for a rainy day.  I usually opt for the monthly changes as they become somewhat seasonal and usually whatever option is either vegan or gluten free.  One of my current favorites being the Lady Bird -which they say on their wesite is the following:

Many ask, “What is the Lady Bird?” Lady Bird is not only Lyndon B. Johnson’s wife, but its also our Gluten-Free cupcake option! Available every day, the Lady BIrd is based on
traditional Southern Hummingbird Cake and has pecans, pineapple, and bananas mixed into a spice cake topped with cream cheese.

What’s not to love?  But, since I can’t and shouldn’t live on cupcakes alone we picked up dinner from our other favorite, Big Wheel Provisions.  I had a tame (by Z standards) Florida Blackened Shrimp & Grits with charred corn & red-eye gravy – with some lightly wilted arugula.  Z on the other hand chose honey barbeque gator ribs.  Yeah, gator.  A sweet honey bbq sauce and chives smothering a little rack of gator ribs.  They were not too meaty as a gator isn’t really a huge beast in general but there was some kinda meat on them to knaw if you are so inclined.  A little tougher than I would have liked but a pretty good flavor.  Something to try and we did.

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