dinner #24

I am feeling tired today for one reason or another.  Didn’t get this done last night because I was tired then too.  Dinner 24-almost finished with #31days and quite glad of it actually.  I cleaned house most of the day yesterday and then that culminated with a leaking toilet and Z having to drop the wet cat (from the toilet) in the tub because it put me over the edge.  We went out for dinner to one of our standby restaurants.  We like it but I think I realized they are trying to cash in and expand last night because the food felt more…institutional.  More like they were figuring out how to produce more for less.  It could have just been my constitution though so I won’t hold it against them.  Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen.  It has po-boys and gumbo, shrimp & grits.  You know the drill.  I had a half po-boy filled with shrimp and a dab of remoulade with a side of fluffy grits.  For dessert we had some beignets.  Honestly they weren’t my favorite beignets that I’ve ever had but they were comforting in that fried dough sort of way.  I hope they are able to expand and not lose the charm that they had for me in the beginning. tibitinas

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