dinner #25

what started out as Richard Blais’ 10 hour brisket rapidly evolved into something else.  I brought home a 2# pot roast cut of meat and wholly planned to use his recipe and then read through it with my thinking brain on.  Ten hours?  Yeah, that isn’t happening.  So, I pulled out my dutch oven and put a sear on the meat.  Instead of then letting it rest and rubbing with his coriander, brown sugar and mustard slather I poured it over the top, added a cup and a half of apple juice to the pan and let it go for 3 hours.  Spicy, sweet and perfect for dinner.  We had some fresh sliced asiago bread & butter, steamed zucchini and a few pickles made of green beans and cauliflower and a few slices of Skellig Irish Cheddar cheese.  One of my favorite dinners of the month so far!meat

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