dinner #27

only four more dinners and I will achieve greatness.  Or something.  I will achieve something.  Today they took the rest of my office walls down around me.  They were prying tracks off the ceiling and my desk is covered in grotty ceiling tile nuggets now.  Tomorrow I’ll clean up and get ready to move to my new space which will be about 150 feet from my current one.  They are redoing our offices for the changes in how we want to work going forward – an unsiloed strategy where we work together to a common goal instead of to our own ends for the common goal.  We got to hear some big goals today and I can totally get into where we are going because I feel my particular team has been going there all along and I’m excited to have other parts of the org together creatively working together as it will make what we do a whole lot easier (or harder depending on the day).  What do we do in the Discovery Center?  Hopefully we inform and inspire people to get involved with Wycliffe.  We tell the story so that people can see things they might not have before.  If you come to Orlando, you should visit us-I know someone who would love to give you a tour! Tonight I made apple glazed meatballs and mashed potatoes.  I’ve made them before and they are a really delicious mahogany color.  I will rewrite the recipe here for my changes, which I tracked this time and hopefully you will try this recipe.  thatsameatball

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