dinner #28

A good dinner but an ugly (to me anyway) picture.  Did I already have the longest day ever this week?  And….make that a double!  I started out this auspicious day by  breaking a glass tumbler of water on my bathroom tile-fun times!  I have these fun glasses that we see on tv shows ALL THE TIME.  They are rings glasses by Crate & Barrel.  They must sell them to the studios by the gross because I have seen them on probably a dozen shows.  We have the mother lode of them because they are bargainy and we registered for them for our wedding.  Let me tell you – if you haven’t gotten married yet and need to register – go big.  People want to buy you something and everyone has a different budget and sensibility.  Some people want to get you a token gift and some people want to help you start your home.  Give them a chance- register with at least two different stores and register for many price points starting at a dollar and ranging up.  I know it sounds a little mercenary, and I actually felt that way but it really helps you get started in your life together.  Crazy, but true.  Anyhow, the day started with a smashed glass and ended with the realization that tomorrow is the end of my month and I haven’t done a thing to get ready for it.  Month end is how I wrap up all my finances at work-paying bills, transferring accounts, billing customers, etc.  It isn’t what you’d call quick or easy work.  I’m going to have to do that amidst no walls and maybe moving my office-the wall to my new one was painted today!  At least someone made progress at work.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  So, tonight, a pot of white bean soup that I originally saw in Food Network Magazine.  It is by Ted Allen and he serves it as shooters.  I opted for full bowls and a sprinkle of bacon and goat cheese.  It’s a cool weather soup and I swapped out the cream for 1% milk.  I didn’t feel like it hurt me any.  It’s a mellow soup with just a hint of spice-topped with goat cheese for a tangy kick.  Now, I’m going to put my feet up and take it easy.whitebeanis

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